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Welcome to Synergistic Health Solutions!

Donald DeCanio, B.S., D.C.

Synergistic Health
Solutions, Inc.

14700 Metcalf Avenue
Suite 120
Overland Park, KS 66223
Phone: 913.681.8000

Contact us via e-mail at:

  We value our patient's health, and strive to help them maintain optimum wellness
through our whole food, whole body, whole life approach to care.

By combining chiropractic and nutritional healthcare we offer patients the
opportunity to express their optimal state of wellness.

We define this three-tiered approach as:
  whole food graphic   Whole Food
Building a natural body with synthetic foods, pharmaceutical
drugs, and even vitamins leads to a state of disease.

This synthetic mindset has lead to a host of individuals
expressing an ill state of health.

Whole Food Supplements provide the body with the
necessary natural chemicals, found in foods, which
allow bodily systems to synergistically regulate
physical functions.
Whole Body
An individual's nervous system is responsible for
controlling and coordinating all organs and functions
of the body.

As this system is crucial to a balanced state of
health, special consideration is supplied to the
nervous system via a non-invasive handheld
impulse instrument.

Further consideration of proper nervous system
balance is accomplished through the use of
whole food supplementation.

spine graphic
Whole Life
Our current heath care consciousness dictates
thoughts of waiting for signs and symptoms to
appear to take the initiative towards seeking
out a means of intervention.

Unfortunately, waiting for signs and symptoms
may be too late. For example, the first sign of a
heart attack is death, cancer may have spread to
other locations, Type II diabetes may have become irreversible, etc.

Whole life care is a thought process which
recommends being in a constant state of
disease prevention via lifestyle changes
and education.
  whole life graphic  
  In short -- it's our philosophy that through the intervention of chiropractic
adjustment, the patient's nervous system is freed to supply nervous energy
to various different organs and glands which are ultimately responsible for
wellness to occur.

Then as the body attempts to restore wellness, additional biochemical support
is provided through specifically designed whole food nutrition leading to the
ultimate goal of true synergistic healthcare.

For more information, give us a call for a personal consultation. We'd love to
hear from you!
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